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AgileDance offers coaching, training and consulting services to organizations interested in creating exceptional value for their customers and also finding more meaningful ways to work. Key to our success is discovering the root causes of your challenges, then designing and creating approaches that can meet your ability to assimilate that change. Contact us to learn more.

Enterprise Agile Coaching

Adept at developing high-performance Agile business programs and teams.

  • Agile Coaching ICE-AC

  • Kanban KCP, AKT, KMP

  • Scrum CSM, CSPO

  • SAFe SPC5

  • Ideas to Readiness

  • Product Development 

• Collaboratively exploring the agility opportunities that match an organization’s ability to change.
• Engaging and inspired “go see, ask why, and show respect” leadership style.

Lean Agile Training

Bringing direct experience to the Learning

  • Scrum for Teams

  • Kanban AKT

  • Training from the Back of the Room

"To attain knowledge,

add things every day.

To attain wisdom,

remove things every day."

Lao Tzu

Business Meeting

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